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5th International Workshop on Multilingual OCR

A satellite workshop to be held in conjunction with

ICDAR 2015

13th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition
Nancy, France
Sunday, August 23, 2015

The CBDAR/MOCR/AFHA Joint Workshop program has been finalized.

MOCR 2015, CBDAR 2015 and AFHA 2015 have been combined into a single ICDAR Combined Workshop for the 2015 cycle.

The ICDAR Combined Workshop will be held in Nancy, France (new relocated venue) on Sunday August 23, 2015 (original date).

Acceptance decisions on submissions have been mailed out to the authors. Please see the instructions in your email for uploading camera-ready papers and submission of copyright forms.

Our apologies for the prolonged review/decision cycle necessitated due to unforeseen circumstances.

Looking forward to seeing you in Nancy.
MOCR Chairs

The MOCR workshop will be organized in the Brasserie Excelsior (Nancy) only a few steps away from the ICDAR 2015 Prouvé Congress Center and in immediate vicinity of the train station.

The workshop will provide a forum for highlighting current research on multilingual document analysis systems with particular emphasis on OCR. The predecessors to this workshop were held in conjunction with ICDAR1999 in Bangalore, India and ICDAR2009 in Barcelona, Spain and ICDAR 2013 in Washington, DC. A joint Workshop on Multilingual OCR and Analytics for Noisy Unstructured Text Data was held in conjunction with ICDAR2011 in Beijing, China. The scope of 'Multilingual OCR' is defined to include systems that are capable of reading more than one language in the same document, as well as one-language-per-document systems that can be easily retargeted to new languages. The proposed workshop will provide a forum for technical discussions on three important themes: i) recent progress in the field and promising new techniques , ii) attempts to identify and address 'hard' open research problems, and iii) performance evaluation of multilingual OCR systems.

The topics that will be addressed by this Workshop are:

  • Proven Methodologies for OCR: Efficacy of existing methodologies for Latin script to other scripts (HMMs, Neural networks etc.)
  • Mixed languages: Techniques applicable/retargetable to multiple languages/scripts; documents containing multiple languages/scripts,
  • Newer languages/ Scripts: Techniques for dealing with problems of scripts for which OCR technology has not matured
  • Document Analysis: Language and script identification, machine print vs handwriting, layout analysis, reading order
  • Special domains: Scene text and video text, mathematical formulas; tables; abbreviations; annotations
  • Degraded and historical documents
  • Domain knowledge: Colloquialism, dialect, language models
  • Evaluation Methodologies: metrics, standards, ground truth; benchmark datasets


Important Dates

» Paper Submission
    June 2nd, 2015
» Reviews Completed
    June 15th, 2015
» Author Notification
    July 1st, 2015
» Final Papers Due
    July 15th, 2015

General Co-Chairs

Venu Govindaraju
University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA

Prem Natarajan
ISI, University of Southern California, USA

Santanu Chaudhury
IIT, Delhi, India

Srirangaraj Setlur
University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA

Program Chairs

Huaigu Cao
Raytheon BBN
Technologies, USA

Safwan Wshah
PARC, a Xerox Company, USA


Center for Unified Biometrics
113 Davis Hall
University at Buffalo
Amherst, NY 14260-2500
Ph: +1-716-645-6164
Fax: +1-716-645-6176

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