Ifeoma Nwogu

  Fall 2014
CSE 473/573: Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP)
URL: http://www.cubs.buffalo.edu/~inwogu/teaching/Coursepage573_fa14/
Description: This course will cover the fundamental topics in computer vision with a focus on learning and inference in probabilistic models as the unifying theme. The course will examine how to use training data to learn the relationships between observed image data and important computer vision problems that we wish to explore, such as the 3D structure reconstruction, object class estimation, etc., showing how to make new inferences about the world from new image data.
  Spring 2014
CSE 712: Meta Machine Learning (co-taught with Dr. Venu Govindaraju)
URL: http://www.cubs.buffalo.edu/govind/cse712_2013.php
Description: This seminar will examine the foundations of the next generation of domain agnostic ML techniques which will be able to encapsulate "a priori" knowledge of ML successes across domains, using documents analytics. The goal is to intelligently examine the contents of already existing ML methods reported in the literature to faciliate  the complex alchemy involved in using/selecting ML techniques given a certain datasets or suject areas. Specific topics covered in the course will involve information ontology, topic modeling and probabilistic programming.

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